Our charter for ethical clothing

The respect: this a gentlemen’s value! At CRVoo, the self-respect and the respect of everything around us is part of our DNA. It is on this basis that CRVoo established itself with a locally made ethical clothing line.

Locally made ethical clothing

Local craftsmen

At CRVoo, we run away from the codes of textile and apparel manufacturing giants. We are rather convinced that a fair remuneration of the manufacturers gives our clothing a more human and ethical touch. And this is what makes them so nice to wear!

Of course, no Asian production with poor working conditions but rather a manufacturing based on the know-how of local craftsmen with whom we developed a trusting relationship.

We carefully selected those craftsmen for their ability and their motivation to manufacture ethical clothing to the smallest detail. This is how:

Environmental impact

The respect of the environment and the ecological considerations cannot be set aside. We consider that it is a collective responsibility which rests with every individual and every economic actor.

Thus, we commit ourself to reduce carbon footprint through a local and reasonable production. First, for the future of our children. But also, because what we want above all is to see you proud to wear the ethical clothing of CRVoo, proud to make responsible clothing choices.

Comfortables, respectful and sustainable

The respect of others, the environment… It is great but we do more! Because, it is you who wears the ethical clothing of CRVoo, after all!

With CRVoo, you respect your values, but also your body. Feeling good in your… boxer short, polo shirt or tee-shirt is a matter of a careful choice of fabrics and a high-quality manufacturing. And that is what we do every single day!

Furthermore, this gives our ethical clothing a high resistance to washing and wearing for a long lifetime. Another good point for you… and for the environment!

Eco-friendly until the packing

We could concentrate our commitments only on the manufacturing of our ethical clothing. But that is not enough. When CRVoo commits to ethical and eco-friendly principles, it is not just smoke and mirrors

When you receive your new ethical clothing of CRVoo, you see that we do not use plastic packaging. In fact, we adopted an original and eco-friendly packaging policy with reusable cotton bags and beautiful engraved wooden boxes!

But mostly, clothing manufactured by the wonderful know-how of our craftsmen deserve a well-developped and outstanding packaging!

You would like to know more about our commitments or about the manufacturing of our ethical clothing? We answer all your questions!